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Joining the Conversation on Immigration

Enter the Rainbow (Andy Bryan) and Locusts and Honey (John the Methodist) are writing on the recent immigration debate here, here, and here. Andy offers several scriptural texts that encourage loving attention to foreigners, a care rooted in Israel’s status … Continue reading


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Why is it that publishing companies shell out bucks to pastors of mega-churches to write books in which they say “it isn’t about numbers or buildings, it is about people;” yet the only reason these individuals are paid to write … Continue reading

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Sunday message

This past Sunday I began my message with a reference to the Jon Stewart interview on Crossfire. I offered to provide a link to watch this video, and have done so on my church’s website. You can either click the … Continue reading

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What do we do with sinners?

Of course, “Sinners” is a Christian term – or at least a term with meaning circumscribed by particular religious traditions. Other terms, taken from other contexts might include: “Miscreant,” “deviant,” “criminal,” “traitor.” In the nation formerly known as the USSR, … Continue reading

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On not interferring with a Sovereign Nation

Attention to Abdul Rahman’s case is spreading. The Germans are complaining. Even the Americans had something to say, though the description makes the protest sound rather tepid. The Bush administration issued a subdued appeal Tuesday to Afghanistan to permit Rahman … Continue reading

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THIS is what we’re fighting for?

American soldiers have been in Afghanistan for 4 years. We’ve disposed of the oppressive Taliban government. Or at least the “Taliban” label. Now Abdul Rahman is on trial for his life. His crime? He converted to Christianity 16 years ago. … Continue reading

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An idea for a Seminary Curriculum

An idea for a Seminary Curriculum Engage with God. As long as seminary is just another degree producing experience, it’s perfectly understandable. But the Christian life is about walking in a love relationship with Jesus. As the seminary community experiences … Continue reading

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The United States is out of the World Baseball Classic. Did we make it further in the WBC than we did in Olympic hockey last month? Well, at least hockey isn’t an all-American, born and read here sport. So what … Continue reading

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Transitional Church Stress

I’ve just finished reading Kevin E. Martin’s The Myth of the 200 Barrier: How to Lead Through Transitional Growth. I’ll make other comments on the content of this book later. In this post, however, I’ll focus on what I found … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Do It Here!

If socialized medicine works well, it’s surely someplace other than here. I’ve been in big city hospitals and small town hospitals and never seen anything this bad.

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