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Beware Doctors in Church

There is a common assumption that those who have earned a doctoral degree are smarter than those who haven’t. This assumption is most unfortunate when it is held by those of us who have earned doctorates. As they exist today, … Continue reading

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Littering Immigrants

I received one of those “cute” stories via forwarded email today. This time it was about a home owners association that was fed up with the food wrappers that blew into their neighborhood from “Mexicans” working at a nearby construction … Continue reading


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Continuing through 1 John

Since I’ll be out of my Sunday school class again this week (teaching the youth class), I’ve again prepared a lesson for them. Here it is in case anyone else might profit from it. Sunday School Questions – 1 John … Continue reading

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Lion Chaser Manifesto

I first heard of Mark Batterson from the Granger guys (Tim Stevens & Tony Morgan), and visited his church last year when I was in town for the AAR. It looks like a great thing is happening there – though … Continue reading

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Islam & Tradition

In my position as a pastoral leader of a church, I have been frequently asked lately, “What is a Muslim? What do they believe? Are terrorism and violence part of their religion?” Although my expertise is not in world religions, … Continue reading

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Thinking about diversity

Much of my current research focuses on the connection of Christian political theology with three popular streams of social study/philosophy: Samuel Huntington’s work on the Clash of Civilizations. (I’m familiar with Huntington’s work through his books The Clash of Civilizations … Continue reading

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On not saying “no”

I think Andrew Thompson nails it. I know my own reluctance. I have always suspected that our fears of being personally responsible for telling anyone ‘no’ has led to our willingness to hand over the ordination process to a bureaucratic … Continue reading

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Knowing that We Know

Sunday School Questions – 1 John 2 part 1 NIV 1 John 2:3 We know that we have come to know him if we obey his commands. 4 The man who says, “I know him,” but does not do what … Continue reading

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Cutting the grass

My son’s much more the movie maker than I am. Here’s his latest.

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Beware! Watch out for this evil villain!

Back when I was a kid we wandered the neighborhood far and wide. Sometimes my parents knew what I was doing, sometimes not. I certainly didn’t have them accompanying me on all my adventures. Today we worry about our kids. … Continue reading

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