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Worship and Culture

Robert Jenson wrote: “If you can teach previously clueless inquirers to participate in some ‘service of worship’ in a week or two, the service is merely thereby unmasked as dubiously Christian. The baptized face a new culture of the church … Continue reading

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I Want a Principle Within

The Charles Wesley hymn, I Want a Principle Within, isn’t sung as often as it used to be. It’s a powerful tool in our quest for holiness, however, so it’s well worth recovering. At first glance the “principle” we “want … Continue reading

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Preparing for Communion

This Sunday we celebrate communion. How can we prepare for it? Some of you will say, “It’s obvious! The way to prepare for communion is, get some bread and juice.” Well, yes, we do use bread and grape juice. The … Continue reading

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JLo’s worship advice

The other night I happened to be reading in the living room while someone was watching American Idol. As some of you may know, after a person sings, the three judges comment on the effort. After one person sang (I … Continue reading

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Avoiding Fame

Have you read the Miley Cyrus quote in the recent Christianity Today: “My faith is very important to me. But I don’t necessarily define my faith by going to church every Sunday. Because now when I go to church, I … Continue reading

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Wanting It

Dan Dick has another good post at United Methodeviations. Talking about growing a church, he observes that mainline churches tend to go after the same group of people over and over again. We have trouble moving beyond the middle class … Continue reading

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Discipleship Goals #2

It’s easy to center the act of disciple making on what we do with individuals. But if all we do in our disciple making is work with individuals, we’re missing both the model of Jesus and what we see in … Continue reading

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Singing with all your heart

I could only understand a few of their words. Sure, part of my lack of understanding was that most of their songs were in French. But my poor hearing did the rest. Though I could understand few of their words, … Continue reading

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Back to the first millennium

Is it possible that legitimate Christian creativity in the area of worship ended a millennium ago? I don’t think so.

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Willow Creek Arts Conference

I’m a pastor of a small town church in the middle of nowhere (as far as conferences go). While I see dozens of theology, philosophy, ministry and leadership conferences I’d like to attend, my budget – time and money – … Continue reading

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