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What’s the Price?

Theologian Roger Olson turns to a non-theological subject, the way prices are computed in contemporary markets. He observes, For example, many city newspapers are basing subscription rates on: length of time a subscription has been steady, zip code and income … Continue reading

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Great Devaluation?

I could be all wrong, but… We’ve been raised to call that socio-economic event of the 1930s the “Great Depression.” So what do we call our recent (current) socio-economic event? It’s clearly not been as bad as the “Great Depression.” … Continue reading

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Real estate & the economy

Feel free to take the comments below with a grain of salt. I am not in the real estate business. I have never owned real estate. I have never studied real estate, and have had only one course in economics. … Continue reading

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Social Deviance

One of the courses offered at my undergraduate institution was in Social Deviance. I didn’t take the course, but had many friends who took it. Since I haven’t taken the course, what I say here is not based on any … Continue reading

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Dangerous Places

What should we make of this story? Apparently a school district in Indiana planned to hold its graduation ceremonies at a local church. I’m sure the church was thinking, “This is a way we can be generous and share with … Continue reading

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Since everyone is an economist now, I figured that since I’ve had at least one course in economics and that I have no debt, I’m at least as qualified as others to ask some questions about the stimulus. Do we … Continue reading

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Cafeteria Religion

Barna has come out with another survey, showing that Americans are more prone than ever to just make up their own religion. Ed Stetzer also comments on it. Here’s my preliminary thoughts. Our culture has divided so much between “liberal” … Continue reading

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