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You Will Be Assimilated?

Provoked by my current sermon series, Looking at Jesus, and reading Mark Noll and Bruce Hindmarsh’s  retrospective on the life and scholarship of W.R. Ward in Books and Culture, I’m spurred to think about the current status of evangelicalism in … Continue reading

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Global Faith Forum

Last week I attended the Global Faith Forum in Keller, Texas. As a United Methodist, I’m part of a tradition that loves dialogue. We tend to be universalists, if not in theory, then in our ethos and our practice. We … Continue reading

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Inerrancy and the Spiritual Formation of Younger Evangelicals

In his book by this title, Carlos R. Blovell argues that institutional commitments to a doctrine of biblical inerrancy like that found in the Evangelical Theological Society and the Evangelical Philosophical Society are not conducive to the spiritual formation of … Continue reading

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