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Decline of Authoritarianism? Not where I look

Martin Thomas writes in The Guardian about the shift from authoritarian to a more horizontal and collaborative style in business. He sees this as a shift from a Platonic to an Aristotelian approach. It may be happening in business, but … Continue reading

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What Do You Do?

Since January I have been on faculty at Wiley College in Marshall. About half my students are young black men. I worry for them, that some armed, fearful, paranoid white guy, will take out his fear on them. What are … Continue reading

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What Counts as a Person?

In the past year or so there has been an uproar about corporations being treated as persons. Continuing my review of Bobbitt’s Shield of Achilles tonight, I find this thesis (p. 365): The society of nation-states developed a constitution that … Continue reading

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Security & Welfare: Bankruptcy or New Visions?

As I continue my reviewing of Bobbitt’s book, The Shield of Achilles… If the Nation State (which in Bobbitt’s usage is the form national states have taken, beginning with the American Civil War) is predicated on providing security from enemies … Continue reading

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