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(not) Enlisting Jesus as Our Political Trump Card

If you’re a Christian, you know Jesus is really important. We who claim to be his disciples think we ought to listen to him, follow him, and obey him. We ought to do what he did. One of our current … Continue reading

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Care or Cure?

Stanley Hauerwas: “One of the demonic things that has happened to medicine is to change its purpose from care to cure, and that puts an unbelievable burden on doctors. It gives them a lot of power, but they break apart … Continue reading

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Three Cheers for Failure!

“Too big to fail.” we’ve heard that more than we like lately. A euphemism for businesses that are so intertwined with other businesses and societal institutions that we must do whatever it takes to keep them from failing, lest even … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Health Care “reform”

We want (a) excellent, high quality health care, (b) in a timely manner, (c) available to all,  (d) at a low cost. Each group seems to major on one point while assuming the others. I don’t see how all four … Continue reading

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Public School & Public Health Care

My brother asks (well, actually he’s passing on Rachel’s question), “Why are people so in favor of public education yet opposed to public health care?” Here are my comments. To the degree that this is the case, I think it’s … Continue reading

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