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Responding to Enemies

What do we do with our enemies? Many of us in America don’t have any serious enemies. Sure, we have people who annoy us from time to time, maybe even rivals in sports, business, or relationships. But enemies who actively … Continue reading

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“We’re Being Overrun by ______!”

As we deal with widely televised acts of terrorism (which usually pale in significance and scope to those that aren’t televised), we hear that western civilization is being overrun with barbarians. The current “barbarian horde” is mostly composed of Muslims. … Continue reading

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Secularism Makes for a Better Islam?

Sometimes when we westerners look at the world, particularly at chaos in and emanating from the so-called Muslim world, we suggest that they need more secularism. Islam, it is assumed, must be the problem. If they can manage to tone … Continue reading

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Listening to Al

I see that in a recent ETS event Al Mohler said, Would God give inaccurate information in a revelation to us? No. But in revelation he would give us information that we can see, can hear, and can know. A … Continue reading

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Praying for Egypt

Is your heart broken for Egypt yet? After a generation of authoritarian misrule the Arab Spring gave so many hope for a better future. Not able to agree on what that “better future” looked like – a return to the … Continue reading

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Reality Based Religion

One of my new friends this semester is a member of the Nation of Islam. I’ve learned that they have some pretty odd beliefs. The first one I learned of was that Pluto (the ex-planet) is larger than earth. Though … Continue reading

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Downside of Demonizing

“Demonizing” our opponents can be great fun. When we demonize groups we offer reasons why any compromise or shared action must be ruled out before we begin. Knowing that over demonization is not politically correct, we never admit to it … Continue reading

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Global Faith Forum

Last week I attended the Global Faith Forum in Keller, Texas. As a United Methodist, I’m part of a tradition that loves dialogue. We tend to be universalists, if not in theory, then in our ethos and our practice. We … Continue reading

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Christian or Muslim?

Whether President Obama is a Christian or a Muslim is back in the news. Apparently some pollsters had some free time on their hands so they asked people whether the president was a Christian or a Muslim. A surprising number … Continue reading

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Brief review of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Nomad

Ayaan Hirsi Ali tells many tales of her painful life growing up in and interacting with Islam in Arabian, African and European contexts. As one who has rejected Islam and belief in any god, she has become a full-fledged disciple … Continue reading

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