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Christian or Muslim?

Whether President Obama is a Christian or a Muslim is back in the news. Apparently some pollsters had some free time on their hands so they asked people whether the president was a Christian or a Muslim. A surprising number … Continue reading

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A Couple Random Thoughts

Facebook keeps asking me if I want to be a “fan of God.” If by “fan of God” it means “love God,” then I suppose being a “fan of God” is natural for a Christian. But put into a context … Continue reading

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I’m tired. I believe that what we call the economy is (at least largely) a human institution. The markets and regional components of the economy are driven by human actions. Human actions are sometimes driven by the thoughts and feelings … Continue reading

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Since everyone is an economist now, I figured that since I’ve had at least one course in economics and that I have no debt, I’m at least as qualified as others to ask some questions about the stimulus. Do we … Continue reading

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Inauguration Speech

Overall, I thought President Obama’s speech was good. I wish, though, that presidents wouldn’t feel the need to try to get biblical. While it shows that our cultural is not entirely secularized yet, they so seldom do theology or scripture … Continue reading


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Better Seen than Heard

If you’re running for president, it’s better to be seen with a preacher, than for anyone to think you actually listen to one. This is especially true if the preacher looks like a preacher – the right vestments, the right … Continue reading

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