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A story of Economic hell

John Thain is in trouble for remodeling his office. Well, that’s not quite right. He’s in trouble for having other people remodel his office. Apparently the job was more than just a new end table, rug or paint job. Whatever … Continue reading

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New Appointment Methodology

We (pastors and lay leaders from across the North District) met with Bishop Huie and a couple of cabinet members this morning in Ore City to hear about the new philosophy of appointing pastors to churches. They had intended to … Continue reading

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A New Gospel Illustration

James Choung has developed a new way to illustrate the Gospel. My first take on it is that it is much more biblical than many of the other simplified models out there (remembering that it’s easy to have complicated biblical … Continue reading

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Inauguration Speech

Overall, I thought President Obama’s speech was good. I wish, though, that presidents wouldn’t feel the need to try to get biblical. While it shows that our cultural is not entirely secularized yet, they so seldom do theology or scripture … Continue reading


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Losing it all

It’s hard for me to imagine one man’s operation losing fifty billion dollars. The sums are beyond my comprehension. It reminds me of an illustration I used in a message several years ago. I said that if I kept working … Continue reading

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Cafeteria Religion

Barna has come out with another survey, showing that Americans are more prone than ever to just make up their own religion. Ed Stetzer also comments on it. Here’s my preliminary thoughts. Our culture has divided so much between “liberal” … Continue reading

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Report Day

Yes, I know. I haven’t been blogging much lately. We’ll see what happens in the weeks ahead. Today was Report Day, the day when pastors throughout the district come together and submit their statistical reports and consult with the District … Continue reading

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