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Success in ministry

Several years ago we had an after-school ministry for upper elementary aged children. By the time we stopped it, it looked like a whopping success. Our little small town church would have 40-50 kids, mostly not from our church, show … Continue reading

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How’s Your Love Life?

The bible tells us that “we love because he first loved us.” While it is common to summarize the Old Testament as presenting a God of judgment and the New Testament as a God of love, such a characterization is … Continue reading

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Wanting It

Dan Dick has another good post at United Methodeviations. Talking about growing a church, he observes that mainline churches tend to go after the same group of people over and over again. We have trouble moving beyond the middle class … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Health Care “reform”

We want (a) excellent, high quality health care, (b) in a timely manner, (c) available to all,  (d) at a low cost. Each group seems to major on one point while assuming the others. I don’t see how all four … Continue reading

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Public School & Public Health Care

My brother asks (well, actually he’s passing on Rachel’s question), “Why are people so in favor of public education yet opposed to public health care?” Here are my comments. To the degree that this is the case, I think it’s … Continue reading

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I’m a perfectionist. But I’m not a perfectionist in every area. I’m also not a perfectionist with everyone. I insist on perfection from myself much more often (or so I think – if you know better, let me know) than … Continue reading

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My cars don’t quite count as clunkers. Sure, all of them have over 100k miles. Sure, the newest of them is a 2000. Sure, the car I drive doesn’t get great mileage. But none of them are listed as clunkers. … Continue reading

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