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Unity & Harmony

On page 30 of Renovation of the Heart, Dallas Willard says, When successful, spiritual formation (or, really, reformation) unites the divided heart and life of the individual. That person can then bring remarkable harmony into the groups where he or … Continue reading

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I’m noticing a lot of urgent things in my life lately. It’s urgent that I have all the meetings and prepare all the reports for Charge Conference. It’s urgent that we promise billions and billions to bail out the mistakes … Continue reading

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How God Knows

I’m sympathetic with some of the Open Theism literature I’ve read, so I find Greg Boyd’s comments on a confused theory of knowledge inherited from the ancients interesting. His conclusion seems reasonable. Once we abandon the ancient view of seeing … Continue reading

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Another, older, NCLB

Charles Taylor (in A Secular Age) considers the depth of Reform in the middle ages to be much greater than the line from Wycliffe, to Huss, to Luther and beyond, connecting it to the rise of the modern preoccupation with … Continue reading

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