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What to do?

Robert Fritz wrote long ago about what he calls “structural tension” (sometimes called “creative tension”). I find the concept very useful and easily illustrated. Creative tension has two parts. First, there’s the vision of the future you want. This is … Continue reading

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Adjustment Bureau

When The Adjustment Bureau first came out, I added it my list of movies to see someday. I finally had my opportunity today (I know, I know, I’m way behind the times). It would be a good film to show … Continue reading

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Why Be in Ministry?

In his book, Bishop, Will Willimon says, “The only good reason for anybody to be in ministry is theological.” Why be in ministry? We’re in ministry because of who God is and what God has done in Christ. We’re in … Continue reading

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Assurance: Why? part 2

So let’s suppose that the reason we are interested in finding assurance of salvation is not so we can feel at ease doing our own thing in the world, with only minimal and occasional glances back to make sure we’re … Continue reading

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Assurance: Initial thoughts about Why?

Why would a person want assurance of salvation? That seems like a silly question. If having salvation means going to heaven when you die – and not having salvation means an eternity in the other place, the unquenchable fires of … Continue reading

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Assurance: Receiving

I want to think just a little more about the aspect of “receiving” that I wrote about in the last post in this series. Here’s Jesus, extending a gift. What is that gift? In its essence, the gift is himself. … Continue reading

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