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My First Church Job

The summer of 1983 was my last summer before Seminary (I was finishing college in December, and starting seminary in January). Since I was headed to a career in ministry, I figured I ought to get a ministry job. Everyone … Continue reading

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Oil Change Woes… & Good News

I got an oil change Saturday before driving off to Annual Conference in Houston. Ordinary auto maintenance. I do it every 3000 miles. So I drove off to Conference. Today as I went to pick up my dinner, I heard … Continue reading

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The Bishops are Seeking Leverage

In his Christian Chaos: Revolutionizing the Congregation Tom Bandy says, The primary link between congregation and denomination and denomination is pastoral relations, the key membership of the pastor is with the denominational judicatory, and the most powerful positions in congregation … Continue reading

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What Kind of Church

Reading Bill Easum’s comments on hiring bring to mind the contrast between the Program Based Church and the Team Based Church. In this piece Easum gives two different models of hiring processes. These models are based on the two kinds … Continue reading

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Cover Your Ears!

How do Christians decide who not to listen to? Which heresies, mistakes or habits take a person beyond the pale? I received a mailing from UM Action a few days ago complaining about homosexuals being put in charge of worship … Continue reading

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A Troublesome Conversion?

Some of you have, perhaps, heard of Francis Beckwith’s re-conversion to Roman Catholicism. It’s not unheard of for Protestants to become Catholic. It’s not even that uncommon of late for evangelicals to become Catholic. But when the president of the … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Men?

Clearly something is wrong with men. Clue #1: In some areas of Muslim culture men have come to understand themselves as so susceptible to the evils of lust that women must be so covered up that they are indistinguishable from … Continue reading

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Grace for Preachers & Leaders

Living in the boonies as I do, I frequently have to drive an hour or more to visit people in the hospital. Often I take the time to use my mp3 player. As I drove to Tyler today, Mark Driscoll, … Continue reading

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Anxiety and Care

One of the books I’m reading now is M. Robert Mulholland’s Invitation to a Journey: A Road Map for Spiritual Formation. It’s an excellent little book. On page 86-87, in the midst of his discussion of the peace and rejoicing … Continue reading

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Looking for Youth Workers

We’re losing our longtime youth director in June as he makes the transition to pastoring. Here are some of the thoughts I’ve had as we figure out what comes next. Thinking about Youth Ministry Why churches hire youth leaders: Availability: … Continue reading

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