Oil Change Woes… & Good News

Chris & DavidI got an oil change Saturday before driving off to Annual Conference in Houston. Ordinary auto maintenance. I do it every 3000 miles. So I drove off to Conference.

Today as I went to pick up my dinner, I heard some odd sounds from my engine. Opening the hood I observed that the oil cap was missing and the engine was drenched with oil that had spewed out. What fun. I had the same thing happen with an oil change years ago, but I’d let down my guard and not checked the work of the shop in Pittsburg that did my oil.

It was almost 6, so I whipped out my map of The Woodlands. I found the Pinecroft Express Lube (just north of Lake Woodlands Rd. on the west frontage road of I45. Though it was almost closing time, Chris and David graciously gave me aid. They stuffed a rag (temporary gas gap) in my filler hole, and cleaned my engine. They didn’t charge me a dime. I told them their time was worth something, by they still insisted the work was free.

I don’t find that kind of service every day.

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