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Reviewing Meet Generation Z

My introduction to James Emery Miller’s recent book, Meet Generation Z: Understanding and Reaching the New Post-Christian World came through an interview on Carey Nieuwhof’s podcast. My first thought was, “I need to read that book.” Imagine my happiness when only … Continue reading

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What the American Church Needs in 2015

I’m only going to mention two things here, not because I think the situation is really that simple, but because if we can get these two things right, most of the other things will fall into place. The first thing … Continue reading

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In a recent post Tony Morgan writes about reasons churches lack a strategy for life change. The first of his four reasons is that churches don’t define success, fearing the accountability that will come with it. I ran first ran … Continue reading

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A Different Future

Will Willimon’s Bishop functions as a study of the episcopacy and as a spiritual autobiography. Reading it, we gain insight into the church, its leadership, and its leaders. Willimon is explicit and plain-spoken about his convictions. At one point he … Continue reading

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Ed Stetzer’s Subversive Kingdom

The best thing about Ed Stetzer’s Subversive Kingdom is that it’s true. First, it’s true that Jesus has inaugurated the kingdom and that the kingdom has not yet eradicated all the competitors. Second, it’s true that the best way for … Continue reading

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Temporary Beauty

In the mid-1950s First Methodist and First Baptist Churches in my town both had 50 year old buildings that were showing their age. Ministry styles had changed over that time and the buildings that suited the congregations at the turn … Continue reading

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Care or Cure?

Stanley Hauerwas: “One of the demonic things that has happened to medicine is to change its purpose from care to cure, and that puts an unbelievable burden on doctors. It gives them a lot of power, but they break apart … Continue reading

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The Best Measure

What’s the best measure of effective ministry? What do we look for if we want to figure out whether effective ministry is happening or not? Our first tendency is to look at the numbers. The bigger the numbers, the higher … Continue reading

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Rural Church

One of the books I’m reading now is Shannon O’Dell’s Transforming Church in Rural America. I figured that since I’m pastoring a church in rural America (ok, some folks describe our town as a metropolis – when compared to surrounding … Continue reading

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Thinking about our Church values

Craig Groeschel is thinking about and refining his church values. I find his comments worth listening to, so here they are, along with some comments of my own. 1)    We are faith-filled, big thinking, bet-the-farm risk takers. We’ll never insult … Continue reading

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