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My People Are under Attack!

I think Christians, regardless of race or ethnicity, ought to think of themselves as co-belligerents (without bellicosity!) for the Kingdom of God. For that reason, when I hear of stories like this (church burnings in multiple states) or the murderous … Continue reading

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Convictional Communities

Yesterday I mentioned a concept of a “conviction” as developed by James M. Smith and Jim McClendon. They say of convictions: A conviction [is] a persistent belief such that if X (a person or community) has a conviction it will not easily be relinquished … Continue reading

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Dead Men Don’t Bleed?

You’ve probably heard this old joke. Once upon a time there was a man who was convinced he was dead. After being badgered by his friends, he finally gave in and went to a doctor. The doctor took it upon … Continue reading

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The “We Need More Guns” Solution

The standard response of one side to horrendous shootings is, “We need gun control!” I’m not going to address that now. The standard response from the other side is, “We need more guns. If we had more guns, particularly more … Continue reading

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Paying for College

I’ve only been working full time in academia for a little over three years now, so feel free to take what I say here with a grain (or bucket) of salt. College education costs a lot. I know, not just … Continue reading

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Getting Past the Feedback Loop

If you are up on what’s been going on in the United Methodist Church over the past generation, you know that we’re stuck in a big feedback loop over issues regarding sexuality. On the one side are those who take … Continue reading

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A Hayekian Account of Atonement

What an odd thing to imagine, a Hayekian account of the atonement! From what I’ve seen, Hayek was not a Christian and didn’t write theology. Why then would I imagine that any of his insights might be of use to … Continue reading

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