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Paying for College

I’ve only been working full time in academia for a little over three years now, so feel free to take what I say here with a grain (or bucket) of salt. College education costs a lot. I know, not just … Continue reading

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Students Are Our Customers!

If you work in higher education, perhaps you’ve heard someone in administration say that: “Students are our customers!” Since I don’t see education as a commodity, I’m disinclined to interpret it through the lens of a business metaphor. I also … Continue reading

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Free Community College!

Why is there such a thing as COST? Why isn’t everything just free? Cost is a way of showing the relative value of things. When we see that one thing costs more than another, we can take it as an … Continue reading

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Dismantling Education?

I keep hearing the observation (prediction?) that higher education is being disaggregated (most recently, here). What is meant by this is that the sources of the learning that add up to any given degree/diploma/certification are not going to come from … Continue reading

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Equivocating “Education”

It’s been a while since I’ve dialogued/argued with Will Willimon’s Bishop. Seems like a good time to pick it up again. On page 42 he says, “The United Methodist practice of itineracy is so deeply countercultural that we may be … Continue reading

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But it would be…

But it would be as easy to ignore the libertarian threat to higher education, which may be just as pernicious. The libertarian threat to higher education in the name of productivity is seen in the “public policy” think tanks influencing … Continue reading

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What About MOOCs?

Academia is being shaken to its foundations. There’s the funding crisis: College costs have outpaced inflation for a generation now, and the states and the feds are beginning to grumble. Right next door is the debt crisis: students are graduating … Continue reading

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