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The American Dream?

 What has America come to that we are dreaming about counter tops? If we had an epidemic of defective counter tops, I might understand this phenomenon. Say, for example, that faulty or sub-standard counter tops were causing 3.4 deaths per … Continue reading

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What’s the Price?

Theologian Roger Olson turns to a non-theological subject, the way prices are computed in contemporary markets. He observes, For example, many city newspapers are basing subscription rates on: length of time a subscription has been steady, zip code and income … Continue reading

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Free Community College!

Why is there such a thing as COST? Why isn’t everything just free? Cost is a way of showing the relative value of things. When we see that one thing costs more than another, we can take it as an … Continue reading

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Reading this post from Tyler Cowen reminds me of one of my perceptions of our current economic crisis: Whether deflation is happening in the US or not, we are facing an major societal pressure toward devaluing. 1. We see increased … Continue reading

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Great Devaluation?

I could be all wrong, but… We’ve been raised to call that socio-economic event of the 1930s the “Great Depression.” So what do we call our recent (current) socio-economic event? It’s clearly not been as bad as the “Great Depression.” … Continue reading

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