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Learning from Five Dysfunctions of a Team

I first heard Patrick Lencioni at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit a few years ago. He spoke then on the content of his book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Well, I’ve finally read the book. The heart of the … Continue reading

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At War?

Have you heard the saying – “America isn’t at war – America’s military is at war. America is at Walmart”? The implication is that we need to appropriate the World War 2 model of total war and mobilize the whole … Continue reading

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I live in Camp County, Texas. The World Headquarters of Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation is on the northern edge of the county. Lots of chickens live (and die) here.  Chickens are big business here. Pilgrims and the supporting industries are the … Continue reading

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Willow Creek Arts Conference

I’m a pastor of a small town church in the middle of nowhere (as far as conferences go). While I see dozens of theology, philosophy, ministry and leadership conferences I’d like to attend, my budget – time and money – … Continue reading

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How do you know good preaching when you hear it?

As a preacher, I have an ongoing concern for preaching well. Rarely do I think I’ve done well enough – I can usually think of something I should have left unsaid, or something I should have said, or said differently. … Continue reading

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God’s Call as Interruption

During May I preached a series on the call of God (you can hear them via a subscription at iTunes or at the audioblog listing).  In one of the messages I wanted to show the people how they could be … Continue reading

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