Willow Creek Arts Conference

I’m a pastor of a small town church in the middle of nowhere (as far as conferences go). While I see dozens of theology, philosophy, ministry and leadership conferences I’d like to attend, my budget – time and money – allows me to attend very few. I’m sure many others (most?) are in the same position.

As a work-around, I’m going to try collecting blog reports from conferences that sound interesting to me. This first report, from the Willow Creek Arts Conference, is an area of weakness for me. Everyone in my family is more talented in the arts than I am. The best I can do is play a CD. (I can draw stick figures that are sometimes recognizable as depicting humans.)

Here are the reports I see this morning:

Dan Kimball of Vintage Faith Church, a presenter at the conference, reflects arriving at the Conference and some Black Converse shoes.

Paul as Cries of the Heart has a series of posts and photos. (The link is to the first of his posts – he has several.)

Sounds, Lights, Video: Technical Arts in the Church has a series of posts also. Here’s the part 1, part 2, part 3, & Part 4.

Here’s the first in Tim Steven’s series of posts. he continues here and here and here.

I’ll add more as I discover them.

Friday Morning Updates:

The Epic Beat has arrived at Willow Creek. The first post deals more with personal experience of the conference than any content of presentations.

I just found that there is an official blog done by the Willow Creek folks. Check it out.

Final Updates:

Maggie offers a personal summary at Magnanimity.

The AV Club has started posting (first is here) and plans to continue all week.

Tim Corder has also begun posting on the conference, as has Ryan D.

There are several posts at In the silence of my yearned-for-wholeness.

Chris Ridgeway  offers a photo album.

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