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Having a Future

For a taste of some real philosophy, take a look at Galen Strawson’s piece, Why I Have No Future. What’s your take on what he calls NOF? How does it measure with your experience and your analysis of your experience? … Continue reading

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Mission Field Appointments

The Texas Annual Conference is now implementing a policy of making “mission field appointments (document is a pdf).” Here’s a key part of the document: In a series of conversations around the question “who is our client,” the cabinet (center … Continue reading

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Christian or Muslim?

Whether President Obama is a Christian or a Muslim is back in the news. Apparently some pollsters had some free time on their hands so they asked people whether the president was a Christian or a Muslim. A surprising number … Continue reading

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Brief review of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Nomad

Ayaan Hirsi Ali tells many tales of her painful life growing up in and interacting with Islam in Arabian, African and European contexts. As one who has rejected Islam and belief in any god, she has become a full-fledged disciple … Continue reading

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What about the Muslims?

A friend sent me this link today and asked what I thought of it. Here is my response. Nothing surprising here. I’ve read enough literature on Islam – from Muslims and others – to have seen it before. One thing … Continue reading

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