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Scripture as Means of Grace – first thoughts

As theologians move beyond the categories inherited from modern theology, the notion scripture first of all functions as a means of grace has become more popular. Billy Abraham (Canon and Criterion) , Ellen Charry (By the Renewing of Your Mind) … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda, Taliban, et al.

Jeff Stein has a bothersome habit of asking our leaders annoying questions. Earlier in the year he discovered that numerous leaders in congress and intelligence bureaucracies didn’t seem to understand Islam, particularly the nature of the Sunni / Shia split. … Continue reading

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How Churches Ought to Think of Each Other

Here’s a comment from Tom Peters on how churches ought to think of each other. Except he’s not talking about churches. To put it briefly: if you lead a church it is a good thing for the other churches around … Continue reading

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It’s nice to see generosity in action. Sunday while I was going around the sanctuary greeting people, a family slipped me a check. “Use it to meet the needs of people.” That’s generosity in action. Last week when I wrote … Continue reading

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