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Sometimes we get stuck. While getting stuck is commonly taken to be a bad thing, it depends on where we’re stuck or what we’re stuck in. Perhaps you’re stuck in a family that keeps on loving you even when you … Continue reading

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Evolution in Texas Classrooms

The Texas Board of Education is again facing the issue of how to teach evolution in our schools. In an opinion piece in Tuesday’s Dallas Morning News Daniel W. Foster, M.D. argues in favor of teaching evolution. He closes his … Continue reading

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Foolish Spending

I’ve heard a lot about foolish spending lately. Most recently it’s million dollar bonuses at AIG. Before that it was a lavish executive retreat. A few months back it was an office bathroom renovation. Foolish spending is nothing new. A … Continue reading

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My daughter is annoyed

I took my youngest child on a spring break trip to Washington. While there, the AIG bonus news was breaking (and breaking, and breaking) on every news outlet. She told me she was annoyed – more by the constant coverage … Continue reading

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I’m tired. I believe that what we call the economy is (at least largely) a human institution. The markets and regional components of the economy are driven by human actions. Human actions are sometimes driven by the thoughts and feelings … Continue reading

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Figuring out Islam

One way to understand the nature of a thing is to consult an encyclopedia, dictionary or textbook. Another way is to investigate it in the wild. Usually the latter shows the former to tend toward the simplistic. Since parameters are … Continue reading

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A Balanced Life?

A balanced life is something we think a good thing. But what do we mean by “balance?” If you listen to the Catalyst podcast you may have heard Erwin McManus talk about balance (I don’t remember if it was episode … Continue reading

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Discipleship Goals #5

Evangelism, the apparent traditional equivalent of what we now call “Radical Hospitality” closes out this series on the characteristics we try to build into the lives of disciples in our work of disciple making. This equation may be my least … Continue reading

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Discipleship Goals #5

Our conference talks about Risk Taking Ministry. As a pastor I’d be happy if all my people were involved in any kind of ministry. In my life the genre of literature that has most spurred me to risk taking ministry … Continue reading

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Discipleship Goals #4

Stewardship seems like a word for old timers. Now we have Extravagant Generosity. The subject is the same: God has put resources at our disposal and holds us accountable for their use. When our lives are dominated by fear – … Continue reading

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