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The Reputed Power of “Raging Hormones”

I’ve heard it said of expressions of teenage sexual practice (as recently as this morning), that “When rational thought goes up against raging hormones, raging hormones win every time.” This claim is patently false. Doubtless raging hormones are powerful. We … Continue reading

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Two Cheers for Hypocrisy

We all know that hypocrisy is bad. When we proclaim a standard, we ought to live by that standard. Since our actions speak louder than our words, we need to bring our actions into line with the high moral standards … Continue reading

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Capitalism and Epistemology

Inasmuch as markets exist to provide knowledge (what I/we should do with regard to the resources at our disposal or over which we have influence) modern capitalism is a reductionism parallel to centrality of epistemology in modern philosophy (the requirement … Continue reading

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