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Arguing as a Christian

Ilaria Morali, a professor of theology in Rome, tells of a recent encounter in the course of “interreligious dialog”: Morali: I recall that last year, at the moment of exchange with the assembly, a person in the audience asked me … Continue reading

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We watched Akeelah and the Bee for family movie night tonight. It was a good story. On one level it was depressing: we (society and our schools) expect so little of our kids when they are capable of so much. … Continue reading

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Responding to Wright on the War on Terror

I am not yet a convinced pacifist, and, after reading Wright’s piece, “Where is God in ‘The War on Terror’?“, (thanks to The Ivy Bush for calling my attention to this article) I don’t think I’m as far down the … Continue reading

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How do you know when you’re winning? In football it’s pretty easy: score more than the other guy. Even if you have more total yardage, more first downs, more aesthetically pleasing uniforms and plays, you still lose if you don’t … Continue reading

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Learning from Ted Haggard

David Klinghoffer shares his thoughts on what we can learn from the downfall of Ted Haggard. Here are my own thoughts. Watch what you pray for. I’ve read that the Sunday before the accusations came out Mr. Haggard had prayed … Continue reading

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Muslim response to Saddam’s sentence

I ran across Umar Lee’s response here. I was curious so I reponded with some questions. He said: “The culture of the nation of Iraq dictates that there be rule by a tyrant or there be chaos” There are certainly … Continue reading

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I’m working my way through William J. “Billy” Abraham’s Crossing the Threshold of Divine Revelation. The most recent of his books promoting what he calls “Canonical Theism,” Abraham continues the work of Canon and Criterion in Christian Theology: From the … Continue reading

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Planning and “Working the Plan”

The Texas Conference going through a revolution. Inasmuch as the revolution is based on a widespread failure to accomplish our basic mission (to make disciples), I offer my hearty support. “What do you mean, ‘Failure to accomplish our basic mission?’ … Continue reading

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A different view of Jihad – from Iran

Do you ever get the idea that all Muslims think (or act) like Jihad is only about violence toward outsiders? Think again. Check out this post from a blogger in Qom, the central city of Shia Islam in Iran.

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Too Important for Professionals?

Could it be that evangelism is too important to leave to the professionals also?

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