Muslim response to Saddam’s sentence

I ran across Umar Lee’s response here. I was curious so I reponded with some questions.

He said:

“The culture of the nation of Iraq dictates that there be rule by a tyrant or there be chaos”

There are certainly many here in the US who have come to think this in the last year or two.  I’m curious how this sits with Islam. Is it proper to Islam to say, “Let’s settle for tyranny. It’s the best we can do.” I have trouble seeing the Muslims I know here in the US saying that. I’ve read Iraqi bloggers who aren’t content with that.

Are there resources within Islam to critique this Iraqi “realism”? Can Islam criticize it’s host culture in a country? I know Al Qaeda thinks it can, but I’m wondering if such a critique can also be found in “mainstream” Islam.

He continued:

“those who believe that you can have a Scandinavian-like government and a peaceful society where Sunni, Shia and Kurds will get along and all hold hands are foolish.”

Certainly if we think of ourselves as realists, this looks like a foolish goal. But would Islam say this is what God wants? Does God want Sunni, Shia and Kurds – all Muslims – to get along (let’s forget holding hands for a moment – no reason to get all sentimental)? If God doesn’t want it, is it only in Iraq that God doesn’t want it, or is strife between believers something that generally pleases God? I’m pretty ignorant of Islam, so please correct me, but my guess, from what I’ve read, and the conversations I’ve had with others, is that God does desire peace in Iraq. If God wants it, is it proper to call human desires for the fulfillment of God’s will FOOLISH? Of course, you may be speaking euphemistically and merely mean that it will take direct intervention from God, i.e., a miracle for peace to happen among Iraqi factions.

I confess that as a Christian, that’s what I’m praying for Iraq. I don’t see Maliki and the Iraqi government accomplishing it. I don’t see the US and its forces accomplishing it. I don’t see the UN, Iran, Syria, Al Qaeda, Sadr, etc. accomplishing it. It’d have to be God.
Again, I’m unfamiliar with the Quran, so I have to speak from my knowledge of the Bible. What I see there is that God likes to do the impossible. That way God gets the glory, not us.

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