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Wrath, Judgment, and Love

John Wesley said that the only requirement to join the Methodist Societies – the movement was not yet a “church” at that time – was a “desire to flee from the wrath to come, and to be saved from their … Continue reading

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Feeling Close to God

“If you don’t feel as close to God as you used to, guess who moved?” When preachers ask this question, the answer is obvious. After all, we continually preach the love of God. God is persistent. God never gives up. … Continue reading

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Assurance: Why? part 2

So let’s suppose that the reason we are interested in finding assurance of salvation is not so we can feel at ease doing our own thing in the world, with only minimal and occasional glances back to make sure we’re … Continue reading

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Assurance: Initial thoughts about Why?

Why would a person want assurance of salvation? That seems like a silly question. If having salvation means going to heaven when you die – and not having salvation means an eternity in the other place, the unquenchable fires of … Continue reading

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Assurance: Receiving

I want to think just a little more about the aspect of “receiving” that I wrote about in the last post in this series. Here’s Jesus, extending a gift. What is that gift? In its essence, the gift is himself. … Continue reading

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Assurance: How Does it Happen?

Supposing that assurance of salvation is possible, how might it happen? The Bible and the Wesleyan theological tradition give us some ideas. First, and most importantly, is the witness of the Holy Spirit. Texts that explicitly use witness language are … Continue reading


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Assurance of Salvation: Two Objections

The idea that Christians can have assurance of their salvation has deep roots in the theology of John Wesley. Though he struggled with his own assurance from time to time, Wesley preached and taught that it was the privilege of … Continue reading

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