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Americans have prided themselves for doing a better job than the Europeans assimilating “our Muslims.” There are now indications that pride may be mistaken. In Sunday’s Washington Post Geneive Abdo reports on her conversations with Muslims (especially Muslim women) around … Continue reading

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Some Sunday News Items

The Atlanta Journal- Constitution tells us today that “Churches hunger for young clergy.” By “churches,” they mean “denominations.” There’s no mention of the long standing congregational request for a young pastor, with years of experience, many children, a hard working … Continue reading

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Presidents & Public Opinion

Mario Loyola at The Corner talks about the President and public opinion, contrasting him with his predecessors who bent with every poll. Conservatives who are piling on the anti-Bush bandwagon should consider that this trait—which makes the Bush family historically … Continue reading

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Render to Caesar

I just finished Christoher Bryan’s, Render to Caesar: Jesus, the Early Church, and the Roman Superpower. Looking at the variety of stances toward the state, particular large, powerful, obnoxious foreign states that often made life miserable for the people of … Continue reading

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Biggest Project Yet

The Great Pyramids… The Great Wall of China… The Golden Gate Bridge… Hoover Dam… The Apollo Space Program… We know how much effort and expense these required. We hear of future plans to build a moon base or colonize Mars. … Continue reading

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Demonizing the Enemy?

One my sources for analysis of world events is The Belmont Club blog by Wretchard. I’m not sure what to do with today’s post on the will for victory. Discussing the point that the West (including Israel) have the technology … Continue reading

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Passive Sin

I’ve been leading a study of Romans for a little over a year now (we’ve made it about half way through the eighth chapter). Reading Romans 4 pretty closely made me wonder. For years I’ve read the chapter as simply … Continue reading

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Study Questions on Romans 8:9-17

Since I had a graveside service at the same time as my morning bible study today, I left some questions with the group so they could make some progress until I returned. Here are the questions. Perhaps someone will find … Continue reading

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John Maxwell, The 360 Degree Leader

If you are a leader in an organization, you should read this book. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a leader at the bottom or the top – or even if you’re so far down you’re just a leader wanna-be. After … Continue reading

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