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Interesting People

In my line of work I get to meet many interesting people. Some of the most interesting over the years have been World War 2 veterans. My dad was a naval advisor in Korea back in the early 1970s. Since … Continue reading

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Dark Knight thoughts

If you haven’t seen the movie, and don’t want any hints of what happens, don’t read any further. I saw the movie yesterday with my two oldest children. Here are a few thoughts: At the end, Batman was reckoned a … Continue reading

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“That’s nice, preacher”

I’m a knowledge and information junkie. I read piles of books. If I had the time and money I’d go to a ministry conference every month. I used to go to more conferences and read more ministry books, but I’ve … Continue reading

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United Methodist Restrictions

United Methodists have varying views on restrictions in the church, though there seems to be a strong trajectory against restrictions in general. We emphasize Open Communion. We preach the call of Christ to all to come to salvation. What restrictions … Continue reading


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Two Big Mistakes

In my years of ministry (mostly in East Texas), I’ve come to see two big mistakes the church has made. One mistake is characteristic of my own Methodist tradition, the other characteristic of the dominant Protestant tradition of my region, … Continue reading

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Help on Patriotism

I’m working on a message about Jeremiah’s patriotism. I’d love your input on my theses thus far: Though the events of the bible took place in cultures very different from our own, we can still learn from them how we, … Continue reading

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Short term friendships

Back in my seminary days I did my supervised ministry at a nursing home in Lexington, Kentucky. In the course of a couple of years (I kept visiting there after my coursework was completed) I made many friends. Pearl was … Continue reading

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