United Methodist Restrictions

United Methodists have varying views on restrictions in the church, though there seems to be a strong trajectory against restrictions in general. We emphasize Open Communion. We preach the call of Christ to all to come to salvation.

What restrictions do you see United Methodists affirming or defending?

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1 Response to United Methodist Restrictions

  1. joan says:

    I wish, I wish, I wish. Is it possible to have higher standards of behavior for church leaders, both clergy and laity? We are so established in our current attitudes that only by God’s grace can we break out. I haven’t mentioned any restrictions yet.
    If we do start talking about standards and restrictions, it might be helpful to quote and hang our hats on the verse of Paul about starting where we are; not trying to go back. If I find that verse I will submit it here. At that time I will also submit a suggestion for a restriction. Gotta get my nerve up.

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