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Entering Ministry

People have frequently asked me, “When did you enter the ministry?” I think they usually mean something like, “When did you start pastoring churches for a living?” In my mind these are two entirely different questions. When I read the … Continue reading

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Sunnis & Shia

Jeff Stein reports in the New York Times about his adventures in Washington trying to find officials who could tell him the difference between a Sunni Muslim and a Shiite Muslim. While someof our leaders apparently know the difference, the … Continue reading

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Really Micro Economics

Perhaps you’ve heard that Muhammad Yunus has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in banking. Rather than working with the rich, Yunus focused on micro-loans to ordinary poor people. These loans – a few dollars here, a few … Continue reading

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Purpose of Education

What’s the purpose of education? If there is a purpose – or identifiable set of purposes – is it (or are they) something we can agree on? First, a classic math joke that illustrates shifting purposes in math education. It’s … Continue reading

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Appreciating Pastors

Debra Young of the Pastor’s Retreat Network asked me to post this. I’m adding my comments along the way. 12 Ways to Appreciate Your Pastor   When we look at our pastor or minister what do we see?  A spiritual … Continue reading

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Curious Happenings in the C of E?

From the Daily Telegraph, “Drive for multi-faith Britain deepens rifts, says Church.” How does one take this? Is the supposedly liberal Church of England turning away from the multicultural creed (often equivalent to, “Everyone is right but us.”)? Are they … Continue reading

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United Methodism: Liberal? Conservative? What?

Donald W. Haynes is doing a series in the United Methodist Reporter responding to questions described as responding to concerns of “conservative readers.” The first piece is “Is Methodism ‘Too Liberal’ for Conservatives?” the second, “Is Bible Literally the Word … Continue reading

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Depth of Sin

Big sin has been making the headlines lately. Sinners have been hunting the girls lately. First it was the fellow in Colorado last week. Now it’s Mr. Roberts in Pennsylvania. The thought seems to be, “Let’s go torture some girls, … Continue reading

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