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Easily Insulted?

Have you heard that Madalyn Murray O’Hair has petitioned the FCC to remove all Christian broadcasting from the airwaves? That rumor has been going around for over twenty years. It still comes around from time to time – even though … Continue reading

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When the wrong people do the right thing

I just finished reading Paul Johnson’s A History of Christianity. Though I read the old edition, you can find it currently in print. I’d count it as a popular supplement to more scholarly works. In previous study I had seen … Continue reading

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Back to the first millennium

Is it possible that legitimate Christian creativity in the area of worship ended a millennium ago? I don’t think so.

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AAR/SBL Travel

Finally a moment to sit down. Last weekend my wife & I attended the annual AAR/SBL meeting in San Diego. I’ll make comments on the content of the sessions later. Now I want to make some comments on the travel … Continue reading

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Pictures AND Words

Francis of Assisi is frequently quoted approvingly, “Tell of Christ at all times. Use words if necessary.” The implication is that words are rarely needed. If we only act like kind, loving, nice people then others will see Jesus in … Continue reading

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Before you do youth programming…

I’ve observed that when a youth ministry is starting – or at a certain kind of transition point – it is common to ask, “What do we do next?” It’s a great question. Unfortunately, one of the common ways to … Continue reading

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Huntington’s Miss

In an article from Proceedings, Lieutenant Colonel James G. Lacey considers the apparent dependency of US planners on scenarios presented by Samuel Huntington (Clash of Civilizations) and Bernard Lewis (The Crisis of Islam) and finds it wanting. Though he mentions … Continue reading

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Ordinary Christian Behavior?

In one of my previous ministry settings our youth group was primarily made up of kids with no previous church connection. They had enthusiasm. They were hungry to know God. They passionately desired their friends to know Jesus. But they … Continue reading

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