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Set Talk

I don’t remember when I first ran into Paul Hiebert’s idea of contrasting bounded sets and centered sets in our understanding of evangelism. It was either shortly before I finished seminary or shortly after, making sometime in the late 1980s. … Continue reading

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Rotary & Politics

I got to do the program for our local Rotary club today. I wanted to share some arguments against the reduction of the political to the partisan. Here’s what I had to say: The first thing to know is that … Continue reading

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American Grace

Just finished another one of my Christmas books, American Grace by Robert Putnam and David Campbell. It is a sociological study of the current state of religion in America. Sociology of religion is not my field, but I try to … Continue reading

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Heaven & Hell

In today’s Parade Magazine (a supplement to the Dallas Morning News) there is a brief piece on actor Javier Bardem. He is described as having “a somewhat novel account of the afterlife.” What’s novel about it? He says, “I don’t … Continue reading

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Those Other People

It is easy for people, whether they be liberal, conservative, or something else, to think they have come to hold the positions they hold because they are smart and good. It may be the case that some of these folks … Continue reading

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Hirsch on “Genuine Christianity” & Liberalism

In The Forgotten Ways Alan Hirsch claims: What is clear is that genuine Christianity, wherever it expresses itself, is always in tension with significant aspects of the surrounding culture, because it always seeks to transform it. Movements are transformative by … Continue reading

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Leadership in Time

Some approaches to leadership view it as a science. Through a study of human institutions and organizations, the thought it, one can discern principles that “work.” Those who speak of “irrefutable” laws of leadership take this approach. Leadership conceived along … Continue reading

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