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Christmas – the Gift

It has become to make Christmas into something we use as a means to something else. For ordinary folks, it’s a means to: happiness, family togetherness in a always-busy culture, getting some THING we want. For church leaders, the folks … Continue reading

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Understanding Leadership

Max DePree is widely quoted for saying, “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.” If it is possible that DePree is correct, what can we make of this idea? Surely it is counterintuitive in relation to what … Continue reading

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Social Deviance

One of the courses offered at my undergraduate institution was in Social Deviance. I didn’t take the course, but had many friends who took it. Since I haven’t taken the course, what I say here is not based on any … Continue reading

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Being Human

Once upon a time it was common to differentiate humans from the rest of creation by calling us “rational animals.” Animals differ from plants, minerals, fungi, bacteria, machines, etc., and in important ways our human differences are differences we share … Continue reading

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Downside of Demonizing

“Demonizing” our opponents can be great fun. When we demonize groups we offer reasons why any compromise or shared action must be ruled out before we begin. Knowing that over demonization is not politically correct, we never admit to it … Continue reading

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Henotheism for Christians?

I ask the henotheism question, guessing most Christians would reject polytheism without much thought. The Christian tradition has, in its development of the doctrine of the Trinity, sought to safeguard the monotheistic convictions so clearly proclaimed in the Old Testament. … Continue reading

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