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Three Cheers for Failure!

“Too big to fail.” we’ve heard that more than we like lately. A euphemism for businesses that are so intertwined with other businesses and societal institutions that we must do whatever it takes to keep them from failing, lest even … Continue reading

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Our Audience

Eric Bryant asks, “Has listening to church attenders led to the decline of the church?” Declining churches, in his experience, focus on the people they already have. What do they want? How can we keep them happy? Innovative churches, on … Continue reading

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I sure have heard the adjectival phrase “Ancient-Future” thrown around a lot these past few years. As one who sees value in recovery of historic Christian doctrine, I can see “ancient” as embodying a willingness to be associated with the … Continue reading

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Asking Questions

From ancient times, theologians have had a motto, “Faith seeking understanding.” As followers of Jesus we don’t start from doubt or from skepticism. We don’t even start from a position of knowing nothing, from a blank slate. We start from … Continue reading

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