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Living in Anxious Times

We live in highly anxious times. We might hear more about young people being anxious and the role social media plays in creating and exacerbating their anxiety, but increased anxiety is a reality for all groups. Here are a few … Continue reading

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Easy Ministry in the Time of Coronavirus

Here are a few easy things you can do in this time of “social distancing.” Prayer Walk: You can walk through your neighborhood and pray for the families in each house/apartment. If you know their names & situations, you can … Continue reading

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Praying for Egypt

Is your heart broken for Egypt yet? After a generation of authoritarian misrule the Arab Spring gave so many hope for a better future. Not able to agree on what that “better future” looked like – a return to the … Continue reading

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I’m Not Drawing Today

Today is “Draw Muhammad Day.” I won’t be taking part. One response will be, “Of course you won’t. You can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler!” Well, yes, that is true. But even if I could, I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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I’m tired. I believe that what we call the economy is (at least largely) a human institution. The markets and regional components of the economy are driven by human actions. Human actions are sometimes driven by the thoughts and feelings … Continue reading

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Need Prayer?

As one not attending Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit this year, I’m trying to learn from folks who are. Here’s Rob Wegner’s quote from Gary Haugen that grabbed me: “The first place that reveals your currently level of safety is prayer. … Continue reading

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Ordinary Christian Behavior?

In one of my previous ministry settings our youth group was primarily made up of kids with no previous church connection. They had enthusiasm. They were hungry to know God. They passionately desired their friends to know Jesus. But they … Continue reading

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34 People

Last night at our Administrative Council meeting I presented the challenge to win 34 people to Christ this year. They unanimously approved the goal. But I’m not sure what I ought to think. If they had said, “You are utterly … Continue reading

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Is there a difference between thinking and praying? I’ve wondered about that since I first heard the phrase, “Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.” Doubtless, much of our prayer life (at least in the UM churches I’ve been … Continue reading

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