Easy Ministry in the Time of Coronavirus

Here are a few easy things you can do in this time of “social distancing.”fusion-medical-animation-EAgGqOiDDMg-unsplash

  1. Prayer Walk: You can walk through your neighborhood and pray for the families in each house/apartment. If you know their names & situations, you can pray specifically. If you don’t know anything specific, pray generally. You can also do a Prayer Drive. In this version you can drive to various places around town and pray for the people and institutions you see: schools, hospitals, businesses, etc. Since you stay in your car to pray, there’s no spreading of germs.
  2. Relationship Inventory: Ask questions like:
    1. Is there anyone I’m angry at? If so, pray through letting go of that anger. If that person is personally known to you (some of the people we’re angry at may be famous people we’ve never met), you can write a note telling them you’re praying for them.
    2. Is there anyone who needs encouragement? Perhaps someone has been a blessing to you – or you’ve seen them doing something praiseworthy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big thing or a little thing. Take the time to offer a word of encouragement. You can write a note, send a text or email, or call them.
    3. Is there someone God has put on my heart to witness to? You may not be able to share with them face to face, but you can call, text, email, write a card.
    4. Who are people you need to check on? It may be family members, neighbors, members of a church (or other) group. Again, it’s easy to write a note or call.
  3. Social Media: If you’re on social media, look for ways to encourage and bless people. Instead of joining in the popular outrage and fear-mongering, look for ways to be positive. Cat pictures are better than outrage, but as a follower of Jesus, you can do even more. Look for ways to express appreciation to others. Offer to pray for people when they are anxious and worried. Ex. If someone’s post seems to express great fear or outrage, you can say something like, “It looks like that’s something that really concerns you. Can I join you in prayer (or pray for you) that God would bring a good resolution for you?”

What other ideas do you have?

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