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The “We Need More Guns” Solution

The standard response of one side to horrendous shootings is, “We need gun control!” I’m not going to address that now. The standard response from the other side is, “We need more guns. If we had more guns, particularly more … Continue reading

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The Problem of Sustained Personal Identity

In a recent essay a the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) Religion site, Stanley Hauerwas raises the issue of the sustaining of personal identity over time. It is by no means clear to me that I am the same person who … Continue reading

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I’ll be teaching a couple of section of Introduction to Ethics this fall. This will be the first time I’ve taught this course in several years, and the first time ever at Wiley College. When I taught it at NTCC … Continue reading

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Care or Cure?

Stanley Hauerwas: “One of the demonic things that has happened to medicine is to change its purpose from care to cure, and that puts an unbelievable burden on doctors. It gives them a lot of power, but they break apart … Continue reading

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What Am I Doing?

Continuing to learn from Hauerwas and Pinches: One of the difficulties of taking up any significant way of life is that we never entirely understand what we are doing. Commitments are asked of us, but we are in no position … Continue reading

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Happy Christians?

I’m currently reading Christians Among the Virtues by Stanley Hauerwas & Charles Pinches. They say: “Christians cannot overlook the profound challenge that the gospel is meant to confront, if not destroy: our presumptions about what will make us happy in … Continue reading

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