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Keeping Violence Safe

A few weeks ago the New York Times ran a story on churches using violent video games to attract youth. Now there’s a story out of Alabama about a lock in sponsored by a First United Methodist Church featuring games … Continue reading

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Five Practices (and More)

Here in the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church we have adopted (in a slightly modified form) the Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations as featured in Bishop Robert Schnase’s book. With some other ideas (“Key Drivers”) added, we’re … Continue reading


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Thoughts on Preaching

When I think of preaching, I find the 3 categories of classical rhetoric useful. 1. Ethos – This is our character. People listen to us when they know us to be people of character. Character refers not only to our … Continue reading

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At Steve Gaines writes: I am convinced that one of the reasons so many people are turned off from the idea of church these days is that it is all so explainable. Too many churches are growing simply because … Continue reading

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Slippery Jesus

We who delve into the bible and lead congregations… Yes, it appears possible to do the one and not the other: One can delve into the bible purely for personal benefit, or one can lead congregations and ignore the bible. … Continue reading

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Muslim Outreach

A group of Muslims from around the world have issued an open letter to Christian leaders everywhere. The call for peace is summed up in the beginning of the document: Muslims and Christians together make up well over half of … Continue reading

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Does Pacifism Work?

Some of noted Gandhi-style pacifist protest works better with some groups than others. If you are protesting against a group that thinks its wrong to kill unarmed protesters you’re more likely to survive than if, as in Myanmar, you go … Continue reading

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