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Ethical Student Leadership at Wiley College

Wiley College, a United Methodist school in Marshall, Texas, hosted its first annual Ethical Student Leadership Conference this past Thursday through Saturday. While the speakers were good (I was a speaker), the high point for me was getting to know … Continue reading


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34 People

Last night at our Administrative Council meeting I presented the challenge to win 34 people to Christ this year. They unanimously approved the goal. But I’m not sure what I ought to think. If they had said, “You are utterly … Continue reading

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Wittgenstein & Lindbeck

I tried making this comment on his blog post, but for some reason it wouldn’t let me. Eric Lee posts on the relationship between Ludwig Wittgenstein and George Lindbeck (particularly in his The Nature of Doctrine). One thing I remember … Continue reading

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Denominational Identity

Knowing who you are and what you stand for as a denomination is a good thing. Aligning your identity with the bible is a good thing for Christians to do. But some groups seem to take this to extremes. Dr. … Continue reading

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Wearing Religious Genes

Let’s imagine for a moment that there are four theories of the nature of truth. The correspondence theory, the coherence theory, the pragmatic theory and the Nietschean theory. Very briefly: The Correspondence theory says that a statement/idea is true if … Continue reading

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Sermon, “Ending Well” is up

My last message of 2006, Ending Well, is now online. At all stages of life we find ourselves reaching the end – of school, of a job, of a career, of a year – of life itself. How do we … Continue reading

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Chafing at Accountability

Accountability is one of the Big Words here in the Texas Annual Conference (of the UMC) these days. Sure, we’ve always had accountability. “Pay your apportionments or else!” “Don’t run off with a woman other than your wife, or else!” … Continue reading

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The Necessary Failure of Crusading

Dimitri Simes writes in today’s Wall Street Journal: But sending more brigades to pursue the same crusade is unlikely to bring success — at least not on an American political timetable. The problem is not just the incompetent management of … Continue reading

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Someone (else) to blame

Daniel Henninger writes about the tendency for congressional ethics reform to be aimed at outsiders in today’s Wall Street Journal Opinion Journal. While people get trapped from time to time in these ethics codes, we stil see plenty of unethical … Continue reading

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Good News from Indiana – a Challenge to Us

Tim Stevens reports that their congregation saw 942 people make professions of faith last year. He’s on staff at Granger Community Church, a United Methodist congregation in northern Indiana. In an earlier post he said their average attendance for the … Continue reading

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