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Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations, 1

Robert Fritz says Creative Tension is produced by the gap between a strongly held vision and a willingness to tell the truth about the present. Like many pastors, I have a strong vision to reach people for Christ: to help … Continue reading

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Following Jesus

One of the books I’ve read recently (on the recommendation of Steve) is The Practicing Congregation by Diana Butler Bass.  On p. 59 she says Zygmunt Bauman, a British theorist of postmodernism, claims that “one can think of postmodern life … Continue reading

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A Rotten President

All the campaigning and punditry have led me to conclude that I’d make a rotten president. First, I’d make a rotten president because I’m indecisive. I find it too easy to see multiple points of view (on the same matter) … Continue reading

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Christmas and Culture

Over the past several years we’ve heard of numerous attempts to edge Christ out of Christmas. Some places simply shift to Santa and Snow. More recently the push has been to do away with the word altogether, settling for Winter … Continue reading

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Golden Compass

Many people are asking me about the new movie The Golden Compass. I haven’t seen the movie, only read the books. The main comments have been about the fact that the author of the books is an atheist determined to … Continue reading

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