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More or Less?

One of the books I’m reading now is William Cavanaugh’s Being Consumed. In his discussion of consumerism he writes: What really characterizes consumer culture is not attachment to things but detachment. People do not hoard money; they spend it. People … Continue reading

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Great Devaluation?

I could be all wrong, but… We’ve been raised to call that socio-economic event of the 1930s the “Great Depression.” So what do we call our recent (current) socio-economic event? It’s clearly not been as bad as the “Great Depression.” … Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Day

We have “awareness” days, weeks, and months for just about everything now. I’ve never paid much attention to this phenomenon. I am feeling peeved about Autism Awareness Day however. I’m not peeved because I’m against people with autism. I’m not … Continue reading

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