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Epic Win!

Kenda Creasy Dean is our guest speaker at the Texas Annual Conference this week. Having read her books, I knew where she’d be coming from. If you have the least interest in youth ministry or leading a church that disciples … Continue reading

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Camp Report

We arrived home from church camp yesterday afternoon. Some reflections: Working camp is hard work. It’s terribly hot. You work long hours -“lights out” (which doesn’t mean the kids fall asleep then) tends to be around midnight, with breakfast at … Continue reading


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Some Thoughts on Confirmation

One of the common features of confirmation classes is to have the confirmands produce a creed – a statement of belief. After going through several weeks – or months – of study, they write a Credo. I have seen other … Continue reading

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Singing with all your heart

I could only understand a few of their words. Sure, part of my lack of understanding was that most of their songs were in French. But my poor hearing did the rest. Though I could understand few of their words, … Continue reading

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Broken Heart

My heart is broken for the current generation of young people. This Sunday I get to speak at our community’s Baccalaureate service and will have an opportunity to share my heart with them. Since my son is graduating this year … Continue reading

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Before you do youth programming…

I’ve observed that when a youth ministry is starting – or at a certain kind of transition point – it is common to ask, “What do we do next?” It’s a great question. Unfortunately, one of the common ways to … Continue reading

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Ordinary Christian Behavior?

In one of my previous ministry settings our youth group was primarily made up of kids with no previous church connection. They had enthusiasm. They were hungry to know God. They passionately desired their friends to know Jesus. But they … Continue reading

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Keeping Violence Safe

A few weeks ago the New York Times ran a story on churches using violent video games to attract youth. Now there’s a story out of Alabama about a lock in sponsored by a First United Methodist Church featuring games … Continue reading

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Looking for Youth Workers

We’re losing our longtime youth director in June as he makes the transition to pastoring. Here are some of the thoughts I’ve had as we figure out what comes next. Thinking about Youth Ministry Why churches hire youth leaders: Availability: … Continue reading

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Evaluating Youth Ministry

Back in the days that “Youth Ministry” was a central part of my job description, I used to feel bad that I didn’t fit the mold of “youth ministry guy.” You know – the overgrown, hyper-energetic, guitar playing, extraverted, always … Continue reading

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