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Sometimes Philosophers Make You Laugh

Can you tell what Rene Descartes is describing here? I bet you’ll laugh once you figure it out. (Courtesy of Iain McGilchrist) [This] results when the blood coming from the right-hand cavity of the heart through the central arterial vein … Continue reading

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Imitation better than the original

If only the Free Credit Report ads were this entertaining.

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A Simple funny

Here’s a humorous statement from Simple Church: Saddleback, led by Rick Warren, was the first church to launch forty-day spiritual growth campaigns. Anyone ever heard of Lent? It may be that Saddleback’s campaigns are more routinized than how many churches … Continue reading

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Easily Insulted?

Have you heard that Madalyn Murray O’Hair has petitioned the FCC to remove all Christian broadcasting from the airwaves? That rumor has been going around for over twenty years. It still comes around from time to time – even though … Continue reading

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Cutting the grass

My son’s much more the movie maker than I am. Here’s his latest.

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