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Love, Jesus, and the Bible

I saw this cartoon on Facebook this morning and found it stimulating. First thought: Who are the people in the picture? Reading left to right, as we do in English, we see five people who are dressed in modern western … Continue reading

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Defining Features of Liberalism?

In the context of an apology for the lowly AR-15, Edmund Kozak begins with a list of “three defining features of modern liberalism.” These are, “an intense aversion to the Constitution, a denial of objective truth, and a penchant for … Continue reading

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Fixing Politics?

I’ve heard many pine for a better practice of politics in our society. They’re tired of the gridlock, the bickering, the constant attacks. They want to make progress on issues that “concern us all.” David Brook’s recent column is along … Continue reading

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Hirsch on “Genuine Christianity” & Liberalism

In The Forgotten Ways Alan Hirsch claims: What is clear is that genuine Christianity, wherever it expresses itself, is always in tension with significant aspects of the surrounding culture, because it always seeks to transform it. Movements are transformative by … Continue reading

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