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The Best Measure

What’s the best measure of effective ministry? What do we look for if we want to figure out whether effective ministry is happening or not? Our first tendency is to look at the numbers. The bigger the numbers, the higher … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Sausage Factory

I like sausage. While I don’t like every kind of sausage I’ve ever tried, I like many of them. From what I’ve heard though, if I want to continue eating sausage I ought to avoid sausage factories. If I visited … Continue reading

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Dangerous Places

What should we make of this story? Apparently a school district in Indiana planned to hold its graduation ceremonies at a local church. I’m sure the church was thinking, “This is a way we can be generous and share with … Continue reading

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NOT the meaning of life

Of my many experiences at the meeting of the Texas Annual Conference last week, perhaps that most striking was Bishop Huie’s mention that the West Ohio Annual Conference was losing 42 positions for Elders this year. She didn’t share anything … Continue reading

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