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Tonight’s Concert

One of the first “Christian” musicians I learned to listen to as a teenager was Dallas Holm. I enjoyed his mix of music and ministry. His concert organizer called last month and asked if we could manage to fit a … Continue reading

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The Great Enemy

“God needed him more than we did.” Have you heard that before? Sometimes it’s modified, “God needed another lawyer, doctor, plumber, nurse, good person, angel” – the list goes on. I’ve read the Bible several times and I still can’t … Continue reading

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Making Oil?

Why stop here? Why not do a little more engineering to make the bugs produce the various products one makes from crude?

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Thinking About Justification, part 2

Here are some thoughts as I prepare to compare John Piper and N.T. Wright on justification. They are in no particular order. One of the cornerstones of the New Perspective on Paul is that legalism was not the defining characteristic … Continue reading

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Thinking about Justification

One of the books I’m reading now is John Piper’s The Future of Justification: A Response to N.T. Wright. I’ve enjoyed Tom Wright’s teaching since reading his New Testament and the People of God about 15 years ago. Piper interacts … Continue reading

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Atheism & Neo-Liberalism

In a recent interview on the rise of a “new” atheism, John Milbank observes: Post 9/11 has allowed the media to present the religion versus science story in ever cruder terms. Of course it’s highly significant that Christopher Hitchens also … Continue reading

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Decision Making by Age

When you’re a kid, Mom & Dad make decisions for you. They usually do ok. When you’re a teenager, Mom & Dad make too many decisions for you. They’re usually wrong. If you could make your own decisions you’d do … Continue reading

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Too obvious

The church in America is too easily understood by outsiders. How can any understanding be too easy? It’s too easy because it’s too easy to get the church wrong. Some people are quite sure that the church is a civic … Continue reading

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