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Assurance & Security

In response to John L. Drury’s review of Roger Olson’s Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities I was inspired to explore the difference between Assurance and Security. As a United Methodist pastor I pastor churches in which theology has, for generations, … Continue reading

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No God Left Behind?

William G. Durden, President of Dickinson College, thinks quantitative accountability to the government by the colleges – to justify their continued existence – is as silly as the government holding churches quantitatively accountable for their freedom from taxation.

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Connecting Methodist Bloggers

John the Methodist makes a request.

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Back when I was in college John Cobb came for a lecture series. One of his lectures was titled, “Can a Christian Be a Buddhist Too?” I don’t remember the content of his lecture, but my recollection was that he … Continue reading

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We Forget too Quickly

We forget too quickly that the Taliban was raised up more in the madrassas of Pakistan than in Afghanistan. The “War on Terror” will never be won until those fighting it are willing to take note of the irrelevance of … Continue reading

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The Books

Guy Williams tagged me with this, so I’m finally going to break down and do it. Though I read piles of books, I don’t usually think in these categories, so answering these questions is tough. 1. One book that changed … Continue reading

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Diversity = God?

I’ve long been pained that our United Methodist marketing campaign, “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors,” has replaced our official doctrine (which, according to the Book of Discipline, is of determinate Christian substance). The apparent relativism of our marketing slogan … Continue reading

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Evaluating Youth Ministry

Back in the days that “Youth Ministry” was a central part of my job description, I used to feel bad that I didn’t fit the mold of “youth ministry guy.” You know – the overgrown, hyper-energetic, guitar playing, extraverted, always … Continue reading

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