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Psychiatry and Ministry (sort of)

Pretend this piece on Slate Star Codex isn’t about psychiatry but about ministry. Alexander describes two ways of understanding psychiatry: Attitude 1 says that patients know what they want but not necessarily how to get it, and psychiatrists are there … Continue reading

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Only 2 options?

Why do we have to believe there are only two options? Why do they tell us Democrat and Republican are the only options? Why do they tell us we have to choose between dogmatism and relativism? We are impaired, individually … Continue reading

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Capitalism and Epistemology

Inasmuch as markets exist to provide knowledge (what I/we should do with regard to the resources at our disposal or over which we have influence) modern capitalism is a reductionism parallel to centrality of epistemology in modern philosophy (the requirement … Continue reading

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Decline of Authoritarianism? Not where I look

Martin Thomas writes in The Guardian about the shift from authoritarian to a more horizontal and collaborative style in business. He sees this as a shift from a Platonic to an Aristotelian approach. It may be happening in business, but … Continue reading

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Eternal Truth

I read in the preface of a book I just picked up: “We know that truth is eternal and unchanging.” My problem is that I don’t know that. Sure, if I were convinced that Plato got it right, I’d think … Continue reading

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Check out the picture at Bad Astronomy. What do you think of it? Do you see the blue and green spirals? Did you read the explanation that both spirals are really the same color – that our senses are deceived … Continue reading

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Cult of Accountability

In his essay on the epistemological problems underlying the current economic crisis, Jerry Z. Miller refers to the “cult of accountability:” The cult of “accountability” was linked to key innovations that turned out to have unanticipated undersides. One was the … Continue reading

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How God Knows

I’m sympathetic with some of the Open Theism literature I’ve read, so I find Greg Boyd’s comments on a confused theory of knowledge inherited from the ancients interesting. His conclusion seems reasonable. Once we abandon the ancient view of seeing … Continue reading

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